Ze Nederlands

March 30, 2010

In honor of it also being about a year since I last visited Amsterdam here are some pictures from that trip.

Here is a view from the hotel we stayed at:

This is a picture from our visit to Madurodam in Den Haag:

And one more picture from Madurodam:

I will be returning to the Netherlands in about 4 weeks to visit my brother so some new pictures are bound to surface soon…


Ireland Pt. 2

March 16, 2010

In honor of it being almost exactly a year since I was in Ireland here are a few more pictures.

Poll na Bron (aka Portal Tomb)

Abbey in Ruins by Irish Famine Monument

Following the sheep path


March 15, 2010

Croagh Patrick

Irish Coast


March 15, 2010

So i decided I’m going to make this a picture blog for now, maybe I’ll be adding mp3s later, who knows.